Welcome to the Resourcefulness Quiz. You will be asked a series of 10 questions related to Resourcefulness: An Introduction to the Water-Energy Nexus. If you score higher than 80% you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Good luck!

1. When switching on a light, the efficiency of the entire energy conversion process shows that some of the energy that is not converted into light is:

2. One important water-related aspect of poor public health worldwide is:

3. Why are the laws of thermodynamics important to the science of energy?

4. Which is the best definition of energy:

5. Which primary energy source does transportation depend on the most as an end-use sector?

6. Which is a greenhouse gas?

7. Today, which characteristic distinguishes humans from other species?

8. Besides its role as fuel for combustion, what other use does natural gas has for humans?

9. Policy experts and scientists use the Kaya Identity to determine:

10. Which change in energy use followed the wood dominant period of the First Industrial Revolution?