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Why Should We Care?

Energy and water are inherently related to every significant challenge of the 21st century from climate change and national security to food production and transportation.

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The World’s Biggest Challenges

Although solving energy and water challenges will not immediately bring peace to Earth, tackling these problems removes some contributing factors to global strife and unrest.

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Water is Life

Water and civilization go hand-in-hand. The idea of a “hydraulic civilization” argues that water is the unifying context and justification for many large-scale civilizations throughout history

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Energy, Water, Wealth, and Freedom

As the building blocks of industrial processes and agricultural production, energy and water foster wealth creation and prosperity. Conversely, the consumption of energy and water also increase with wealth.

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Energy is Wealth

Lights shine in the night where there is a robust infrastructure for electricity, and the map of wealth lines up closely with the map of electricity.

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